5 Flavours of Health

Agnes Khan – story

It all started when my second child was born.

Almost from his birth he started to suffer from a serious skin condition, which affected his face and most of his body. His sores were so bad that I had to put him to bed with cotton gloves, so that he would not be able to scratch his face.

It was such a difficult period of my life and it took a great deal of courage and patience to continually attend to my child on a daily basis. By sheer fluke it was during this time that I was recommend to read Anna’s books, and this has changed my life. Initially we attended Doctor’s surgeries trying prescribed medication, to relieve the suffering of my child.

Sadly, nothing seemed to alleviate his condition. In fact, it was getting worse. I then began to question his diet and how I might be able to resolve his sores, without drugs. It was at this stage that I began to avidly read Anna’s book, and eventually I managed to phone her. This diet is not a quick fix solution, a fast weight loss plan to follow for a few weeks.

NO – this is a way of life. I read Anna’s book many times and slowly I realized how the diet all made sense. I learned how to combine foods, use certain herbs and spices, change my way of cooking. I can only say that within few of weeks my child began to recover and my whole family started to have more energy, feeling the benefits of changes I have introduced into our family’s diet. I found that once I understood how the Power of Food and the 5 Flavours of Health in our climatic zone works, how the foods combined to keep our bodies healthy, it was not difficult to continue this way of life.

I can proudly say that after a few years of following this lifestyle, our family is much healthier, happier, and stronger. Both physically and emotionally. My older son now asks me to make packed lunches to take to School, as he feels healthier when he eats the food I prepare. I can only say that whilst this way of living takes some effort in making food from scratch and not eating “ready made” packaged food, which is full of preservatives, I promise that the results this diet will bring will know no bounds.

As I speak to other Mothers at my children’s’ schools, I have given them some advice on ailments that their children have suffered and how they can help them recover or prevent form colds, flus and all the nasty bugs, which continually plague us each year, especially in winter. The theory behind this diet is quite simple, change your eating habits for the seasons. It seems strange that we take the trouble to change our clothing each season, from winter, spring, summer and autumn, we do not think to change our eating habits. I learnt what to eat in All Seasons.

It is my ambition to reach out to those people around the world who are suffering needlessly from allergies, serious ailments and never ending illnesses, and to those who wants to prevent from it.

For this reason, we have translated the books to spread the word and teach others how they too can lead a better life. Through persistence and wanting to learn, I have reaped a healthier way of life. I hope and pray that you will also benefit from it.

Agnes Khan

Translator of “Philosophy of Health” and “Philosophy of Life”., founder of 5 Flavours of Health;

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