Acceptable Use Policy

1.0 Introduction

This Acceptable Usage Policy covers the security and use of all PIA’s Services and Software.
All User IDs and passwords are to be uniquely assigned to named individuals and consequently, individuals are accountable for all actions on GMCBS systems.
Individuals must not:

  • Allow anyone else to use their user ID and password
  • Leave their user accounts logged in at an unattended and unlocked computer.
  • Use someone else’s user ID and password to access PIA systems.
  • Leave their password unprotected (for example writing it down).
  • Attempt to access data that they are not authorised to use or access.
  • Exceed the limits of their authorisation or specific business need to interrogate the system or data.
  • Give or transfer PIA data or software to any person or organisation outside PIA without the authority of PIA.

2.0 Internet and Email Conditions of Use

Use of PIA is intended for business use.
All individuals are accountable for their actions on the internet and email systems.
Individuals must not:

  • Use the internet or email for the purposes of harassment or abuse.
  • Use profanity, obscenities, or derogatory remarks in communications.
  • Access, download, send or receive any data (including images), which PIA considers offensive in any way, including sexually explicit, discriminatory, defamatory or libellous material.
  • Use the email systems in a way that could affect its reliability or effectiveness, for example distributing chain letters or spam.
  • Place any information on the Internet that relates to PIA, alter any information about it, or express any opinion about GMCBS, unless they are specifically authorised to do this.
  • Send unprotected sensitive or confidential information externally.
  • Make official commitments through the internet or email on behalf of PIA unless authorised to do so.
  • Download copyrighted material such as music media (MP3) files, film and video files (not an exhaustive list) without appropriate approval.
  • In any way infringe any copyright, database rights, trademarks or other intellectual property.

3.0 Clear Desk and Clear Screen Policy

In order to reduce the risk of unauthorised access or loss of information, PIA enforces a clear desk and screen policy as follows:

  • Personal or confidential business information must be protected using security features provided (for example at home or in public places). Laptop encryption must be used.
  • Particular care should be taken with the use of mobile devices such as laptops, mobile phones, smartphones and tablets. They must be protected at least by a password or a PIN and, where available, encryption.
  • Mobile Storage Devices Mobile devices such as memory sticks, CDs, DVDs and removable hard drives must be used only in situations when network connectivity is unavailable or there is no other secure method of transferring data.

All PCs have antivirus software installed to detect and remove any virus automatically. Individuals must not:
Remove or disable anti-virus software.