“Philosophy of Life” and “Philosophy of Health”

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“Philosophy of Health”

“Remain calm and trust the wisdom and knowledge revealed to you in this book. It is based on and is coherent with the Order of this world and applies to all the areas and peoples of the Earth. Once you begin to understand its rules, this knowledge will shield and protect you. Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers used their intuition on many occasions to appropriately treat certain food products and secure the wellbeing of their families. Nowadays, there are still a few places on Earth where people live accordingly to traditional rules and maintain a well-balanced diet.

After years of fascination with vitamins and antibiotics, it is time to go back to Nature (the Order) and respect its laws and rules. They have an impact on everyone, at all times and in every corner of the Earth – whether one is conscious of it or not. Therefore my reflections on illnesses and their causes are also universal and apply to everyone.

What is the message I send to you in this book? Simple – to cook! I recommend a well-balanced diet based on a variety of products available to us, a diet that is rich in flavours and easy to digest and absorb. The recipes I include in this book are well balanced, both in flavour and energetically. They are based on traditional Eastern European cuisine, but are also universal. You can use them as a starting point for creating your own recipes, respecting at the same time your own traditions and habits, as well as the Order of the world. By implementing such a diet you will regenerate your body, rid it of chronic ailments and illnesses, and, in the case of more serious health problems, it will give you support, pain relief or even healing.”

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“Philosophy of Life”

“Philosophy of Life” is the sequel to “Philosophy of Health”. In this book, I discuss many illnesses, making the reader aware of their true causes. I give examples for the reader to follow, which are only an invitation to further work on solving individual health problems. This is an indispensable handbook on the secrets of the Five Elements Theory and its application in our every day diet and life in general. I explain how to achieve energetic balance and, ultimately, health. This knowledge is also very helpful in ‘disciplining’ our emotions. It explains how to become more trusting, kind and understanding of the surrounding reality.

The biggest problem of contemporary medicine is that it focuses on eliminating the symptoms of illnesses and not on their true causes. The principal aim of this book is teach you how to start ‘at the bottom’, that is, to point out our bad dietary habits and emotional instabilities, which lead to many health problems.

I hope this book will become to you, Dear Reader, the ultimate guide to deciphering the signals of your own body.

The joy of life means the joy of the body, and therefore it is visible.

The most straightforward explanations for the causes of illnesses are: a lack of vitamins, alcohol abuse, smoking, infections or stress. But one must understand that these are actually the results of the imbalance and not its causes!(…)

“5 Flavours of Health”

The nation’s health is in crisis. In year’s times it’s estimated that almost three quarters of the population will be clinically obese and plagued with associated health problems. “5 Flavours of Health” looks at the toll our lifestyles and diets are taking on our health and, combining modern science with ancient wisdom, shows us not only how we can diagnose key health problems ourselves but how with the correct diet and lifestyle adjustments we can address them and avoid more serious problems in the future. Written by the charismatic author and speaker, and packed with useful, and practical tips; self-diagnostic techniques and expert diet and lifestyle advice, “5 Flavours of Health” promises to be an entertaining, informative, and life-changing read.