Get Rid of Allergies and Hay Fever

This Knowledge Will Completely Change Your Outlook on Life and Health
This Program will teach you practical tools to translate the universal wisdom and knowledge of the world into the language of good nutrition.

An allergy is a syndrome with many difficult symptoms that affect the world on a massive scale.

What makes GET RID OF ALLERGIES Program so extraordinarily effective?


Immediate Impact

As you learn the root causes of the health issue, you can begin eliminating the food products that weaken your immune system. You will start feeling the difference very soon.

Conscious Cooking

Seasonal and balance food with 5 Flavours of Health will transform your experience in your kitchen. The food will be healthier, tastier and in accordance with your health condition. Recipes are provided.

Seasonal, balanced food will transform your experience in the kitchen.


Lifelong Application

Your lifestyle will improve, but it will depend on your actions.

This Program is an eye-opening source of Wisdom to those who are searching for it.

“Maintaining order rather than correcting disorder is the ultimate principle of wisdom”
Chinese proverb

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Filled with Wisdom and Practical Information MASTERCLASS – This Structured Step-by-Step process will empower you to:

Understand the ROOT CAUSE of your present health challenges.

You can only improve your health condition if you can deal with the real cause of your present situation. Allergies indicate weakening of your immune system. Therefore, it’s not about eliminating the symptoms but looking after your immune system which is the most important step.

“Let the food be your medicine, and let medicine be your food” Hippocrates.

What to cook, how to cook, when to cook and how to balance the meal so you harmonise your energy within and support your body. You will know the importance of flavours, and their impact on your inner system. Practical recipes and cooking methods.

Nature is a teacher to us all.

What is the importance of seasonal food, changes in our seasons such as spring, summer, autumn and winter and their impact on your Allergies, the energy flow in the Universe, flavours, and their effects on your health.

Install your clear goals at the deepest level of your mind.

Every outcome, health condition, your joy, or it’s lack, are the direct results of your inner decisions. And this time – to become free of ALLERGIES must be a clear choice. In this class we will talk about the shift in your mind and how this affects your health.

Get Rid of Allergies and Hay Fever Program is created by Agnes Khan.

The content of this teaching is based on the books “Philosophy of Health”, and “Philosophy of Life”, written by her mentor, Anna Ciesielska, on Agnes’ personal knowledge and years of experience, which she gained through a thorough study and practical application in her own house, helping her son and other family members to get rid of Allergies and Hay Fever.

Agnes consulted and helped many people in the UK and other countries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it really work for ME?
I’ve made it as easy as possible for you with step-by-step instructions. But I’ll be honest, you’re only going to get results if YOU take action. It’s totally up to you.
What if I hate being locked into a restrictions?
If the thought of planning ahead makes you break out in hives, this probably isn’t the best program for you. I’d really recommend checking out Anna’s books “ Philosophy of Health” and “Philosophy of Life” , which teaches you about the concept of balanced food, philosophy and ancient wisdom which is so relevant here.
How long will I have access to the course?
You’ll have access to the training for the lifetime it’s available online! You can also download the materials to your personal computer or device so you can keep them with you and deepen into your discoveries long after the program has ended.

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Get Rid of Allergies and Hay Fever Program

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