Personal message from Agnes Khan
My intention is to share and inspire those who are ready to hear and receive.

It has been over 30 years since I realised that there we are not alone and there is something beyond our
sensory experiences to help us to accomplish all our desires and goals. The Infinite Power; TIP, as I call
it – has always been the source of all my actions ever since.

At the beginning of my adult life, I was applying these principles unconsciously, and now – with deeper
understanding – I encourage those who are ready for a greater life, to try these universal laws.

I also remind us about our courage, strength, talents and that all is within us. We just need to activate it.

About Agnes Khan

A teacher and mentor, an entrepreneur, founder of 5 Flavours of Health, property investor, international
lecturer, mother and wife.

Since 2017, she teaches general public in Europe, Asia, UK, Canada and beyond on how to activate the power within, how to improve our decision-making skills in businesses and personal life, and also how to consciously improve the quality of our life and our wellbeing by applying the ancient wisdom, universal laws and 5 Flavours of Health’s principles.


8th October 2022 MANCHESTER

15th October 2022 LONDON

5th November 2022 LONDON (In Polish Language)


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Philosophy of Life
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Accountant from London, UK

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Bestselling author, The Expansion Game creator, coach.

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