Monika G.
Accountant from London, UK

Gosia G.
Bestselling author, The Expansion Game creator, coach.

Kamilla S.
From London, UK

Lukasz D

Dominika F.

Effective Decision Making
Attendees of my seminar

Effective Decision Making

Effective Decision Making
Attendees of my seminar

Ash P.
Community Engagement Manager

Agnieszka S
Artist, lives in the UK

Anna F.
CEO Szkolenia OZE, in Polish

Anna B.
ekspert medycyny komplementarno- holistycznej, właścicielka kliniki zdrowia

“When Agnes speaks about manifesting it deeply shifts something inside me. Her personal stories and her powerful conviction and faith make it feel like miracles are truly possible for everyone. I can’t recommend Agnes highly enough!”
Aishling M

at Aishling Mooney Spiritual Biz, Success Mentor & Angel Intuitive.

“I would definitely recommend Effective Decision Making . The journey is mind blowing and Agnes is the best mentor you could wish for. She helps , explain , always answer your questions and the main thing is she believes in you more then you believe in yourself. The guide is very easy to follow and the results you can see so effectively. So happy I found Agnes.”
Maya P

Wife and mother of 2 boys. West Yorkshire.

“My life has changed completely since I met Agnes. Thanks to her, me and my son got rid of allergy and I start to living more balanced life. I highly recommend all mindset sessions, workshops and seminars with Agnes Khan.”
Natalia J

Entrepreneur from Reading, the UK

“Agnes has an incredible personality and is very passionate and dedicated to her clients. She has a unique sense of leading people through new ways of thinking and showing different ways of achieving. I fully recommend her and her team to review your life and discover new balance”.
Katarzyna V.

Social entrepreneur, publisher, beauty business motivator.

“Agnes is a great soul with fantastic energy and after a moment with her, you feel your vibrations rise. The heart she gives to people supported by the knowledge she has is incredible. Every conversation with Agnes is so enlightening and powerful that even if you think you are in the darkest moment of your life, she would bring a lot of positive aspects to you and show you a different perspective so you find you inner strength and solutions to solve problems. I am grateful I have Agnes in my life.”
Magda W

Teacher from Reading, the UK

“Agnes Khan is a powerful leader, guide, and traine.
Her ability to inspire individuals and teams to reach for the GREATNESS within is unparalleled.
Authentic, Powerful, Generous and Spiritually guided Agnes is in a league of her own when it comes to showing humanity the path to Greatness in each and every one of us. She is one of that that I call a WISE WOMAN.”
Bolutiwi A

Transformational coach and inspirational leader